Making a better Nunavut for your family, and for mine.

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Abo​​ut me

My name is Adam Arreak Lightstone.  I am an Inuk running for MLA in the Iqaluit - Manirajak constituency.  I am running because I would like to contribute my knowledge and experience to our legislative assembly, in order to ensure a better Nunavut for your family and for mine.

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My Experience

Since completing my post-secondary education I have worked in key areas of the Department of Finance.  This has provided me with unique knowledge of government operations, that would be an asset to the legislature.  From entering payables to developing the governments financial statements, my career has advanced to positions with increasing levels of responsibility, including:

Senior Fiscal Advisor

Senior Financial Reporting Accountant (Intern)

Manager, Budget and Business Planning (Intern)

Budget Analyst

Junior Budget Analyst (Summer Student)

Junior Auditor (Summer Student)

Finance Officer (Summer Student)

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Nunavut faces many challenges, most of which revolve around mental health.  I have highlighted several issues that if properly addressed would contribute to happier healthier Nunavummiut. Please see the videos in the following section to learn more.





Financial Transparency

Environment Video

Global warming is threatening our land and the wildlife we depend on.  It is our duty to curb our reliance on fossil fuels and reduce our carbon footprint.  Our government and each of us individuals have a role to play to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and prevent global warming.

Education and Employment Video

Education is the key to success. We need to encourage the youth to stay in school to ensure a brighter future, while also encouraging mature students to return to school. Nunavut should increase FANS to encourage those on social assistance to return to school to prepare to enter the workforce, without worrying about losing their support.

Food insecurity is rampant in our territory. Government funded breakfast and lunch programs would prevent our youth from going to school hungry.

Housing Video

Nunavut currently faces a housing shortage. This has led to overcrowding and an inflated housing market.   In 2015-2016 the Nunavut Housing Corporation had paid a total of $42,000,000 in rent to real estate  companies, such as North Properties, for public and staff housing units. 

The Government of Nunavut should encourage home ownership through lease to own agreements in public housing, and increasing the housing allowance for staff.

Financial Transparency Video

The Government of Nunavut reports how much it spends in the Public Accounts, but this is done at a high level. The Government should be held accountable on how it spends public money. The government of Nova Scotia has brought transparency to a new level by releasing government expenditures at the vendor level. Increasing Nunavut's financial transparency would reduce the amount of non-essential spending, such as travel or catering, by holding public servants accountable for their spending.